Quality management of precious metal products

Labtium provides quality management services to all operators in the precious metal sector: manufacturers, importers and vendors. Our quality management service allows our customers to ensure

  • the content of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) in their product
  • safety use regarding to harmful elements (nickel, cadmium, led)

The quality management also demonstrates responsibility to the customers and the interest groups. Labtium’s range of services covers assays, hallmarking and survey of alloying metals as well as nickel, lead and cadmium testing.

Due to our long experience we can create a suitable service concept for each customer according to his/her needs. We support our customers in a fast and accurate testing of raw materials which is essential for manufacturers in the production process quality management.

To the importers we ensure that the products meet the required standards and the importer’s own quality standards. Our testing capacity is suitable also for large quantities.

Benefits to our customers

  • To ensure precious metals’ product quality, safety and compliance throughout the supply chain
  • Indication of responsibility and reliability
  • Sign of objectivity in the quality management

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