Laboratory information systems

All the data handling and transfer in the laboratory must be centralized in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). All the information related to analysis must be traceable from the sample reception trough QA/QC and reporting of the results to the end customer.

When planning the LIMS the nature and aims of the laboratory operation currently and also in the future must be carefully investigated and considered. It is important is to recognize the needs of connecting the LIMS to other organizational information systems.

Labtium has long experience in the LIMS development for its own and customer laboratory use. Labtium provides the following services related to LIMS projects:

  • The assessment of the requirements and prerequisites
  • Specification of the system and data to be handled
  • Planning the reporting and archiving considering the traceability of the data
  • Arrangements for data acquisition from analytical instruments
  • Tendering and procurement of the system and contract negotiations
  • Implementation together with the system supplier
  • Support in the start up and production phases and personnel training
  • Quality and safety audits

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