Labtium provides dedicated mining laboratory services either on-site or through our existing laboratory network

Mining laboratory partnerships at Labtium range from supporting and complementing the in-house laboratory’s services to fully outsourced analytical laboratories.

Labtium’s laboratory professionals will work together with clients to develop the best and most efficient solutions for a particular project and commodity whilst continuously improving the performance and quality of its services.

Labtium can provide various types of solutions for the mining laboratory partnership such as:

  • Back-up and check assays and complementing of the services of the in-house laboratory.
  • Auditing and up-grading existing in-house laboratories i.e. additional training, method development, equipment.
  • Implementing QA/QC- and laboratory information management system to in-house laboratory.
  • Designing of laboratory facilities and equipment coupled with the evaluation of the need of automation.
  • Choice and implementation of best available client dedicated methods and processes.
  • Training of employees. Supervising and assisting during the ramp-up phase of the in-house laboratory.
  • Outsourcing or secondment of laboratory management.
  • Starting the outsourced services at client’s premises. The client can then take over the operations for in-house use after 3-5 years operations
  • Total outsourcing of the laboratory services during the whole lifetime of the mine either on-site or through Labtium’s near-site premises.
  • Joint research and development projects.

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