Labtium has actively been participating in the development of testing methods for mining side-products

The side products from the mining industry include large amounts of removed top-soils, waste rock and tailings which are classified as waste materials. Most of this waste is placed within the mine area, in either piles or in pools. The utilization and characterization of the by-products is regulated by legislation, alignments and directives on environmental protection, soil extraction and mining waste.

Labtium provides the required chemical testing for characterization and monitoring of mining waste. We use standard methods e.g. for solubility tests and for determining acid production capacity. Our wide selection of services provides solutions for monitoring the environment and the processes used in the mine in accordance with the requirements of environmental and rehabilitation codes in Finland and on the EU level.

Total and partial analyses

Total analyses are normally carried out by XRF-method using pressed pellets (Method 175X), total digestions (Methods 307M and 308M) or peroxide fusion (Method 720PM). For bio-indicators and plants, microwave based digestion is used (Method 503PM).

For a partial digestion to assess the maximum concentrations of mobile elements are normally analysed by aqua regia digestion (Method 512PM).

Labtium has a large set of different types of weak leaches which can be used to evaluate the bio-available concentrations of toxic elements.

Leaching behaviour tests and neutralisation potential of sulphidic waste

Labtium is one of the forerunners in the development and implantation of leaching tests in Finland and in the EU. Our range of methods includes the standard methods used in the EU as well several other countries.

For determination of neutralisation potential of sulphidic waste we offer both NAG and ABA tests.

Individual methods

Labtiun can provide also a comprehensive range of individual specialized methods to complement the range of analytical methods (See Additional analyses).

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