Monitoring natural and process waters in mining projects requires specialised analytical packages

Labtium can provide a full scope of analytical methods for analysis of natural surface and ground water samples. The methods include different instrumental packages analysed by ICP-OES-, ICP-MS -techniques. These analyses are complemented by individual methods for specified chemical and physicochemical components.

Element packages for analysis of natural water samples

Labtium offers several multi-element packages with different element suites and detection limits for different types of water samples. Instrumental techniques using ICP-MS (SFS-EN ISO 17294-2) and ICP-OES (SFS-EN ISO 11885) can be used for determining concentrations of dissolved elements in water samples. These packages can also be tailored for client’s requirements.

  • Storm or process waters (137M)
  • Investigations of drinking water quality (138 M)
  • Natural surface and ground waters (139M)
  • Rain water (140M)
  • Acid-soluble elements (150M)

Other chemical and physico-chemical determinations

These include various additional, individual analyses used to complement the instrumental multi-element packages. Routine methods include e.g. pH-, electrical conductivity and ion-chromatographic analyses of halogenides. Also mercury- analyses with cold vapour -AFS (SFS-EN ISO 17852:en modified).

The amount of the sample required in the determinations for physicochemical determinations is approximately one litre, if all determinations are to be carried out.

Speciation studies of elements

We have suitable methods for speciation studies of elements for hexavalent chromium, and also for tri- and pentavalent arsenic. Instructions concerning sampling services and the handling of samples can be obtained from the laboratory if necessary.

In addition to the speciation studies of chromium and arsenic, we undertake other studies connected with fractionation and determination of the state of aggregation, on a tender basis

Process and effluent waters

Additionally Labtium can analyse different types of process waters. The analysis of these types of waters is challenging and has to be tailored from Labtium’s range of methods for specific effluent types of the processing plant. ICP-OES- and/or ICP-MS- packages will be tailored for element analysis and complemented with individual methods. Components which are typical for mining industry related process waters e.g. residual xanthates can also be included in the tailored analytical package.

The samples must be in new polyethene or polypropene bottles, except for oxygen and carbon dioxide determinations, for which the samples must be in glass bottles equipped with a ground glass stopper. In general, the determinations are conducted on non-conserved samples and stored in a cold place.

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