Full scope of services for the entire environmental monitoring requirements of mining from one laboratory

Environmental monitoring of the effects of mining to the environment is one of the most crucial issues in maintaining social acceptance. It must cover all compartments of the ecosystem that are affected by mining and processing of the ore. The well-organised and transparent chemical testing is therefore of utmost importance.

Labtium has versatile sample preparation equipments for all the sample materials covering the requirements of environmental studies.

Labtium as an impartial, accredited laboratory is an ideal partner as we can carry out all the required analyses including:

  • Surface and ground waters
  • Process waters
  • Aerosol samples and impact filters
  • Soil and sediment samples
  • Bioindicators e.g. plants
  • Side products

The side products of mining industry include large amounts of removed top-soils, waste rock and tailings which are classified as waste materials. Most of this waste is placed within the mine area, in either piles or in pools or used in constraction. The utilisation and characterisation of the side products is regulated by legislation, alignments and directives on environmental protection, soil extraction and mining wastes.

Labtium provides the required chemical testing for characterisation and monitoring of mining wastes. We use standard methods e.g. for leaching behavior testing and for determining acid generation capacity. Our wide selection of services provides solutions for monitoring the environment and the processes used in the mine in accordance with the requirements of environmental and rehabilitation codes in Finland and on the EU level.

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