Fast analysis of commodity, major and impurity elements with instrumental techniques

Multi-element analyses for mineral process samples comprise of different dissolution techniques combined with instrumental analytical techniques such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS and XRF.

For routine multi-element analysis of base metals we recommend aqua regia digestion with ICP-OES- finish (Method 514P). Trace impurities can be analysed using ICP-MS-measurement (Method 514M). This method can be used mainly for metal sulphide process samples e.g. flotation concentrates

For refractory process samples a more suitable method is a total dissolution method using sodium peroxide fusion with ICP-OES analysis (Method 721P). This method is also an alternative for high grade metal sulphide concentrates. This fusion method is also applicable for the analysis of rare earth elements (REE) and other refractory elements using ICP-MS (Method 721M).

Alternatively XRF-methods can be used as a fast multi-element-analysis. XRF-analysis is done on pressed pellets and uses a unique fundamental parameter correction program (Method 180X).

Labtium experts will guide you in choosing the right and best methods for your objectives.

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