Commercial analyses either with classical, high-quality methods or with modern instrumental methods

For commercial assays it is very important to obtain high accuracy in the whole analytical process. Labtium has put special effort to be able to offer its clients commercial assays for the most common commodities with very high accuracy. Commercial assays are done mostly with classical methods which are very commodity specific and require high expertise and strict quality control.

Methods for Au, Ag, Ni, Cu and Zink are offered with the following methodology:

  • ASTM-standard method for gold and silver.
  • Bullion assays for gold and silver
  • Gravimetric¬†determination for Nickel
  • Electro-gravimetric determination for Copper
  • Titration determination for Zink.

Major and impurity (penalty) elements can be analysed with instrumental multi-element methods or element specific, individual methods.

Labtium experts will give you more detailed information of the commercial assay methods.

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