Base metal analyses for mineral process samples

Eurofins Labtium offers a wide variety of base metal analyses for mineral process samples. As a routine method for a certain base metal e.g. Ni or Cu, we recommend fuming nitric acid leach with FAAS-finish (Method 502A). If broader scopes of elements are to be analysed we recommend aqua regia leach with ICP-OES-finish (Method 514P). An even more comprehensive scope of elements can be analysed combining with ICP-MS-measurement (Method 514M).

Eurofins Labtium can also, when needed offer analyses using traditional photometric, titrimetric, and gravimetric methods.

For beneficiation of e.g. copper and nickel it can be essential to know the distribution of the elements in different mineralogical phases and how the elements react with different leaching agents. Eurofins Labtium offers different phase selective analyses that can also be combined to a sequential analysis. These leaches include e.g. water leach, acetic acid leach, HCl-leach to name a few. The leach package can be tailored in accordance with the customer’s objectives.

For the analysis of sulphidic nickel in feed and tailing samples Eurofins Labtium offers ammonium citrate-hydrogen peroxide- and bromine methanol-leaches (Methods 240P and 250A). Copper and nickel in oxides can be analysed using sulphuric acid – sodium sulphite leach.

For fast analysis of a broad scope of elements we recommend our XRF-method from pressed pellets using the unique fundamental parameter calculation program (Method 180X).

Eurofins Labtium experts will help you find the right method and solution for your needs.

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