Labtium is the only laboratory in the Nordic Countries that provides locally comprehensive sample preparation and analytical services for mining and mineral processing

Eurofins Labtium offers a wide range of analytical and expert services to support the mining and mineral exploration companies from the initial stages of exploration and development to mine production and environmental monitoring.

Requirements for laboratory services in the various aspects of mining operations are diversified and include analysis of exploration, grade control, process control and end product samples i.e. party/umpire assays as well as monitoring of environment and side products.

High-quality and efficient testing is one of the most sensitive technical support services in mining operations. Accurate, confident and timely analyses are critical for optimization of mining and metallurgical processes as well as environmental monitoring. Assaying and testing processes are complicated and necessitate active maintenance and continuous development with highly professional staff. The use of independent, specialised laboratory increases the credibility and transparency of a mining company.

Eurofins Labtium’s mining laboratory partnership range from supporting and complementing the in-house laboratory’s services to fully outsourced comprehensive analytical laboratories.

In addition to the preparation and analyses of grade control samples, we analyse mineral processing samples from various stages of the ore processing starting from feeds to tails and including independent commercial and umpire analysis of the final products. Eurofins Labtium can provide a wide range of analytical methods to cover all the different types of materials and commodities with very challenging matrixes.

In addition to mineral samples, Eurofins Labtium provides analysis of process water samples. The analysis of process waters includes e.g. the analysis of residual xanthates, in addition to the routine analysis of metals and anions.

For environmental monitoring Eurofins Labtium provides a full scope of laboratory services.  Analysis of surface and ground waters, vegetation, soils, sediments, impact filters etc.

A full range a leaching test to characterise e.g. mining wastes and side products is also available.

All these services can be merged to offer more comprehensive, dedicated mining laboratory services either on-site or through our existing laboratory network.

Additionally our services for exploration are covering most of the best practice methods used globally (see Exploration).

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