Quality starts from sample preparation

It’s common knowledge that poor sample preparation is, next to poor sampling, the largest source of bias in an mineral exploration or reserve evaluation project. Sample preparation methods should therefore be selected as carefully as the actual analytical methods.
The objective of a precise sample preparation scheme is to produce a representative and meaningful test sample (regularly about 100 – 150 g) from a large bulk sample. The grain size of the prepared sample must be so fine that the element of interest (or host mineral) can be properly liberated from the bulk matrix and distributed in the pulp to produce a homogeneous distribution to ensure sufficient representativity for the following analytical methods. This is particularly important for low-concentration ores (e.g. Au and PGE’s) where the number of mineral particles producing ore concentration is always low.

As our client You can select from our manual sample preparation packages (crushing, splitting, pulverizing) or individual methods always the best available procedures for each sample type and project.

Additionally the whole sample preparation process can be tailored from individual sample preparation methods.

The client is obliged to inform Labtium for any observed components in the samples causing potential occupational health (e.g. asbest, radioactivity) or environmental risk beyond the normal geolaboratory operation. Labtium is entitled to cease the processing of the samples if any of these risks are observed until the process is duly modified to eliminate the risks.

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