Labtium’s robotic sample preparation line will reduce the risk of exposure of the staff to radiation

For uranium analyses Labtium has different options:

Standard aqua regia digestion will dissolve uraninite mineral and is thus suitable for analysis of this type of ores. Labtium methods 510P and 511P with additional elements (e.g. U, Th) is perfect for these assays. Normally in resource evaluation, uranium in refractory minerals is not of interest.

If lower detection limits are required, the method 511P can be upgraded by ICP-MS analysis (method 511PM). This method is suitable also for geochemical exploration of uranium.

High grade samples and sample containing refractory uranium, if total concentration is required, can be analysed also by X-Ray fluoresence (XRF)- analysis from pressed pellets (175X) or by peroxide fusion and ICP-MS-analysis (720PM). Different near -total multi-acid digestions can be used (306PM and 307M).

For reception of NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material) -samples Labtium applies a maximum radiation dose. Samples exceeding the defined dose rate are not received by the laboratory.

All the client’s sample material (rejects, pulps) will be returned to the client immediately after assaying.

The client is obliged to inform Labtium for any observed components in the samples causing potential occupational health (e.g. asbest, radioactivity) or environmental risk beyond the normal geolaboratory operation. Labtium is entitled to cease the processing of the samples if any of these risks are observed until the process is duly modified to eliminate the risks.

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