Laboratory services from chemical assaying to preliminary feasibilty test

For exploration of iron ores Labtium can offer different analytical methods witch can also be combined with physical measurements.

XRF- analysis  using pressed pellets is an accurate technique (175X) giving all the major and minor elements and additionlly a large set of trace elements. The RRFP-correction programme enables these analyses from the same sample.

Sodium peroxide fusion combined with ICP-OES-finish (720P) gives also major elements (except Na) and large set of minors and traces.

Chemical analytical methods give mostly only information of total iron contents. However iron is present in iron ores in different mineral forms (magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite, siderite, silicates) and in IOCG-ores also as sulphides. The information of iron content in specified mineralogical phase is also important in evaluation of the feasibility of iron ores.

The measurement of saturation magnetisation (SATMAGAN; method 891G) gives the concentration of magnetite (and other ferromagnetic minerals if present) which is additional information of the mineralogy of samples. This is easily done already in early stage of resource evaluation of magnetite ores.

Methods which can be included in set of assying methods are:

  • Measurement of specific gravity from the same pulp sample as chemical analyses by gas pycnometer (830G).
  • Analysis of Fe2+ and loss on Ignition (LOI).

Labtium can carry out a preliminary feasibility study using Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) -test and analysis of the head, tails and concentrate by chemical methods for total iron concentration and SATMAGAN- measurement for magnetite content.

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