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To obtain the best quality and cost-efficiency in a particular geological project it is important to decide the strategy of analysis by selecting the appropriate analytical methods (element suit, digestion / pretreatment method, detection limits, optimum measurement area etc.) to fit the objectives of the project.

Each individual method has its benefits and restrictions. Performance is optimised for particular sample type and concentration range. Selecting a wrong method may end up in attaining optimised results in wrong concentration levels and introducing problems in laboratory e.g. contamination, additional sample dilutions etc. which may deteriorate accuracy and precision.

The methods used for geochemical exploration require in many cases larger elements suites with a cost-effective price. Accuracy is not the most critical requirement for the analyses. In resource evaluation the geologist can focus mostly on the commodity elements the requirements for precision and accuracy beeing more demanding, hence the analyses must be done using more specific assay methods such as ore grade methods. Also when the geochemical methods have outlined higher concentrations of some elements, the analyses should be repeated with a more suitable assay method for these specific elements.

Normally the precision of geochemical analyses are 10 – 20% and for assays <5%.

The laboratory specialists will also assist you in selecting the optimised methods of analyses for your particular project.

For base metal and iron ore exploration and assaying Labtium can offer various sample decomposition methods:

Geologisten näytteiden analysointia varten tarjoamme erilaisia näytteen liuotus/hajoitusmenetelmiä:

  • Aqua regia digestion for geochemical samples and assays
  • Multi-acid digestions for geochemical samples and assays
  • Sodium peroxide fusion for refractory and high grade ores and concentrates
  • XRF-analysis for petrology, industrial minerals and assays
  • Phase and mineral selective leaches
  • Individual methods

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FAAS, GFAAS, XRF, SC- and Hg-analyzers.

The multi-element packages may have to be complemented with element-specific, individual method for elements or components which cannot be analysed by these analytical packages with compromised digestion/pre-treatment and instrumental methods. These methods include high -grade sulphur -, carbon-, Hg-analyses, physical parameters like loss-on-ignition, specific gravity, saturation magnetisation (Satmagan for analysing mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic components) etc.

The analytical schema may also require analyses of the elements in specified mineralogical phase e.g. Ni in sulphides and silicates, carbonate and non-carbonate carbon (See Additional analyses).

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