Labtium is one of the first geoanalytical laboratories worldwide to achieve accreditation in 1994

Labtium participates regularly in proficiency tests e.g Geostats, PTP-MAL, Geo-PT, and also in the certification programmes of commercially available geological reference materials e.g. AMIS, CDN-laboratories. The performance of the laboratory can most reliably be evaluated by these peer comparisons. These results form the basis of the continuous development of the methods and processes in Labtium.

As many of our clients are based in Canada, Labtium is voluntarily participating also in the proficiency testing programme arranged for accredited, Canadian laboratories i.e. PTP-MAL to provide our clients the capabilities to compare our performance to local Canadian laboratories and compliance to Canadian accreditation of mineral laboratories (CAN-P-1579).

Check assays

Labtium is widely recognised in these tests as one of the highest quality laboratories and thus perfectly suitable to be a reference laboratory also for check assays to evaluate the performance of the primary laboratory used by a mining or exploration company.

Production of reference materials

We can also prepare and certify tailored, deposit specific reference materials to be used as client-dedicated QA/QC-monitoring samples for a particular exploration project or resource evaluation.

More information of our quality system and accreditation (see Accreditation).

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