To complement Your analytical data Labtium provides expertise for element and mineral specific analyses

Some element or component of interest cannot be analysed with the multi-element packages with compromised digestion/pretreatment and instrumental methods and hence the analyses has to be complemented with element-specific, individual method.

These methods include sulphur-, carbon-, halogenide-, Hg-analyses, physical parameters like loss-on-ignition (LOI), specific gravity, saturation magnetisation (Satmagan for analysing the magnetic component in the sample) etc.

For these components Labtium offers a selection of individual methods.

Even in the early stages of an exploration project, information is needed of the actual grades of the commodity element in specified mineralogical phase e.g. Cu and Ni in sulphide- and oxide- minerals, carbonate and non-carbonate carbon.

For these analyses Labtium can offer different chemical phase analyses.

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