For exploration, Eurofins Labtium Oy is the only laboratory in the Nordic Countries that provides locally comprehensive sample preparation and analytical services

Eurofins Labtium Oy offers a wide range of analytical and expert services to support the mining and mineral exploration companies ranging from the exploration and development stages to mine production coupled with environmental monitoring.

As our client, you can select the most suitable procedures from our best-in industry sample preparation methods for soils, sediments, vegetation and rock samples.

Two categories of analyses are available: geochemical analyses and assays (ore grade analyses).

For precious metals analysis aqua regia digestion and Fire Assay are most commonly used methods. For coarse grained native gold cyanide leach by PAL1000-machine is available.

Multi-element packages are available for geochemical exploration and environmental geochemistry, base metal analyses, uranium- and iron- ore analyses and high quality whole rock analyses including all PGE’s and rare earths.

For geochemical analyses and assaying we offer various sample decomposition/pretreatment methods:

  • Aqua regia digestion for geochemical analyses and assays.
  • Multi-acid digestions for geochemical analyses and assays.
  • Sodium peroxide fusion for the assay of refractory and high grade ores and concentrates.
  • XRF-analysis for petrology, industrial minerals and assays.
  • Phase and mineral selective leaches.
  • Individual methods for additional elements/components and physical properties.

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes ICP-OES-, ICP-MS-, FAAS-, GFAAS-, XRF-, SC- and Hg-analyzers.

Eurofins Labtium Oy provides also full range of services for mining and metallurgy. In addition to the preparation and analyses of exploration and grade control samples, we analyse process samples from different stages of the ore processing including independent commercial and umpire analysis of the final products (see Mining and Metallurgy).

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