Aerosol samples and particle sample

Nitrogen acid extraction (method 501) is suitable for all filtering materials (e.g. cellulose, fibreglass, Teflon). For determination of total concentrations of samples collected on Teflon and polycarbonate filters we recommend hydrofluoric/nitric acid decomposition (method 317). Microwave oven-assisted dissolution in hydrofluoric/nitric acid in accordance with standard SFS-EN 14385 (method 314) is particularly suited to the determination of samples collected on quartz-fibre filters. It has been found that filter materials contain considerable concentrations of many elements. We recommend that the filter material should be analysed before use.
Determinations are conducted using ICP-MS-/ICP-OES techniques. The results can be given as concentrations of element per filter, per cubic metre of air, or per a solid sample collected on the filter/impactor.

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