Utilization of ashes and industrial by-products

Utilization of industrial waste and by-products is often an economically viable solution for both business and the environment. We provide a comprehensive set of laboratory and expert services for analyses and different kinds of tests of industrial by-products and waste.

Our services include determinations of total contents of contaminants as well as different kinds of leaching tests for basic characterizations and quality controls of industrial waste and by-products.

Typical materials include wood-based materials, fly ash and bottom ash of peat and coal as well as for example concrete waste from construction industry.

Waste and by-product testing is carried out in accordance with the Finnish government’s legislation and regulations:

  • Utilization in the ground constructions
  • Utilization as fertilizer products
  • Test related to landfill disposal

For the basic research we can offer several pre-treatment and leaching methods and for example Finland’s most extensive set of elements including the REE elements.

In the leaching tests we operate in accordance with international standards:

  • CEN / TS 14405, percolation test (column test) upwards
  • EN 12457-1/-2, a one stage shaking test
  • N 12457-3, a two-stage shaking test
  • EN 15875, neutralization potential of sulfidic waste

Our strengths are extensive expertise, fast and accurate service and reliability in our work.

We offer you all the necessary analytics to accommodate your needs, guiding you to select the most suitable methods for your requirements.

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