Analyses of fuel

We offer for our customers (e.g. the energy and forest industry, universities and research centres ) a wide range of basic fuels testing, production and emission trade analytical services. Most of our testing methods of solid fuels are accredited methods.

Our services cover e.g. the following analyses:

  • heat value
  • moisture content
  • ash
  • content of volatile matter
  • CHN-analysis ¬†(carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen contents)
  • sulphur content
  • chlorine, fluorine and bromine¬† contents
  • determination of the major elements in the fuels
  • determination of the ash melting behaviour
  • durability of pellets, fines content etc.
  • particle size distribution of solid fuels
  • determination of the bio-degradable part in recycled fuel
  • calculation of emission factor


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