Producing energy in an environmentally friendly way

The energy industry has increased challenges due to the rise in energy consumption coupled with stricter environmental responsibility and legislation.

We provide to the experts in the energy industry a comprehensive set of methods for characterizing and testing entire processes such as testing of different kinds of raw materials, utilization of industrial by-products and wastes as well as the monitoring environmental effects.

Our strengths are extensive expertise, fast and accurate service and reliability in our work. Our comprehensive and competitive laboratory services cover e.g. the following products:

  • Characterization and testing of fuels i.e. solid biofuels. peat, coal, solid recovered fuels, black liquor etc.
  • Analyses related to emission trading
  • Testing of by-products i.e. different kinds of ashes, slags etc.
  • Tests related to landfill disposal and utilization of industrial by-products including statements
  • Testing of materials, precipitates, sediments including special analyses
  • Testing of waters i.e. raw, process and waste waters
  • Analytics related to environmental monitoring

We offer you all the necessary analytics to accommodate your needs, guiding you to select the most suitable methods for your requirements.

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