Recovery area troubleshooting

Our expertise coupled with our versatile and recognized technicians have extensive experience in trouble shooting and solving issues at pulp mill sites. Hands-on experience derived from on-site projects provides additional and increased expertise with challenging recovery area problems.

Solving black liquor evaporator scaling problems

Black liquor evaporators are subject to scale formation although the magnitude and chemical nature of scaling may vary considerably. These variations are due to differences in raw material and pulping conditions, the composition of black liquor, and differences in the evaporation conditions. The procedure for solving black liquor evaporator scaling problems is based on analyses and assessments in this area that typically covers scale and liquor materials.

Solving recovery boiler problems

In recovery boilers, scaling and fouling has an effect on the heat transfer and thus decreases the efficiency of a boiler. In addition, scaling causes corrosion which decreases the operational life of devices and can cause extra stops of the recovery boiler. The control of potassium and chlorine level is also very important. One method for solving these problems is to investigate the content of deposits where Labtium has gained in-depth experience and expertise

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