Expert and laboratory services for the bioforest industry

The knowledge and expertise about the forest industry at Eurofins Labtium is derived from KCL’s (Oy Keskuslaboratorio – Centrallaboratorium Ab) analytical laboratory. Our long experience in forest industry R&D projects related to pulping, bleaching and chemical recovery, to name a few has given us competence to support the industry with chemical means both in traditional applications and in new innovations. Our versatile laboratory and expert services cover the needs for pulp and bio-product industry from raw materials to end products without forgetting the side streams and environmental aspects.

Our comprehensive pretreatment and measuring methods are suitable for most sample types from traditional industry as well for the needs of bio-refinery. Examples of typical sample types are wood chips, bark, pulp, woody biomass, liquors, soap, lignin, tall oil, turpentine, deposits and precipitates.

Our flexible and highly skilled experts combined with our versatile analytical equipment enable us to carry out customer’s innovative commissions with methods developed and adapted for the specific requests.

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Laboratory Manager
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