Accreditation and quality policy


The quality system and quality control of our testing operations have been integrated into Eurofins Labtium Oy’s overall operating system. The quality system is the basis of accreditation: accreditation means ascertaining the competence of the analysis and testing operations. Third party accreditation ensures that the services of the accredited body are acknowledged and approved, both nationally and internationally. The predecessor of Eurofins Labtium Oy, Chemical laboratory of Geological Survey of Finland, got the accreditation as early as 1994.

Eurofins Labtium Oy is a FINAS-accredited testing laboratory T025 meeting the requirements of standard SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Regular internal and external audits are used to assess our procedures to maintain and demonstrate the competence and the suitability of the methods. This helps us to improve our operations and increase customer confidence. Most of our of our methods have been accredited.

Eurofins Labtium Oy follows the following quality control practices:

  • The methods and practices used are documented.
  • Our personnel are continuously trained, as required by the operations in question.
  • There is a servicing and calibration plan for our measuring equipment.
  • The capacity and fault tolerance of analytical methods for individual sample types is checked, both prior to introduction and when changes are made in a method (= the validation procedure).
  • Analytical processes are monitored by statistical methods. Comparative samples are regularly analysed, and at least 5% of samples are reanalyzed.
  • Adherence to the quality system is continuously monitored by internal and external inspections and assessments.
  • In order to secure testing activities and verify the quality level, we participate in several national and international proficiency testing programmes. These have been chosen in accordance with the sample materials of our clients.

Proficiency tests which Eurofins Labtium is participating include:

  • Water analysis programme: Aquacheck , WRc, SYKE
  • Soil samples: ISE (International Soil-analytical Exchange Programme); Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories
  • Organic plant samples: IPE (International Plant-analytical Exchange Programme); Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories
  • Geological samples: Geostats Laboratory Survey; Geostats Pty Ltd
  • Geological samples: GeoPT (International Proficiency Test for Analytical Geochemistry Laboratories)
  • Geological samples: PTP-MAL (Canmet)
  • Solid fuels: ofi Technologie & Innovation GmbH, Austria
  • Characterization samples of waste materials: SYKE

Eurofins Labtium’s experts continuously participate in interdisciplinary standardization work, including the activities of CEN’s working groups for method and measuring device development. We also act as experts in technological committees and national working parties.


Quality policy

Eurofins Labtium Oy provides internationally competitive laboratory and research services. Active interaction with the client ensures that the provided service will be available on time, that its contents meet the client’s needs and that its quality level complies with the standard required to solve the client’s problem. The laboratory operates impartially in all situations and confidentially in client relations.

The quality of a laboratory service product which consists of several subsequent stages will ultimately be assessed by the client. Indeed, the production of a service in a laboratory is a process which – in respect of the overall quality – focuses on the needs of the internal client, i.e. those who carry out the following stage.

The precondition for the quality policy of the Eurofins Labtium laboratory is a responsive and motivated staff whose professional skills are maintained by systematic staff training and who are encouraged to independently develop quality assurance.

In Eurofins Labtium Oy quality development is based on an open and critical utilization of the client feedback. The laboratory strives to actively participate in national and international co-operation for the development of quality assurance.

The objective of Eurofins Labtium Oy is to provide first-class services with minimal detriment to the environment and occupational safety. This is achieved within the company’s occupational safety and environment programme.

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