Eurofins Labtium Oy

Finnish based Eurofins Labtium Oy provides laboratory and expert services to fulfill the needs of industry, development and research. Labtium is an internationally recognized independent and objective service provider. In our nationwide service network we have 80 professionals at your service and working for you.

We offer customers a partnership which allows you to focus on your core business operations. We offer ad-hoc services and support your decision making processes every step of the way. Our full range of high quality laboratory and expert services are cost efficient and solve your needs. Our core competencies are in laboratory analyses, expertise and consulting services of the geology and mining industry, forest industry, energy industry, environment and process by-products.

Eurofins Labtium Oy’s history and strong competence in geology and mining industry relates to the Geological Survey of Finland’s (GTK) laboratories that were established and commercialized into an independent company in 2007. Since 2010 Labtium is a subsidiary of VTT Expert Services Oy and therefore part of the VTT Group. In August 2013 the ENAS energy services were merged with Labtium to strengthen the portfolio of energy related analysis.

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