Labtium Services: Who we are, Why and What we do

Labtium is an impartial and independent Finnish company providing laboratory and expert services to industry, research and development. We are a leading laboratory in all of the Nordic countries providing advanced and in-depth analytical services for the mining and mineral exploration companies, pulp and paper industry and energy industry.

Thank you for your visit at EuroMine Expo

We thank all the visitors and customers for visiting our booth at EuroMine Expo 2016. The event was a success, approximately 1620 people from 37 nations visited Kraft Arena in  Skellefteå during the three days. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Our contest to guess the weight of the gold nuggets participated  75 visitors.  Lucky winner of the diamond ring was Sven-Erik Ödling from Lycksele, Sweden . His answer (0.58210 g) was the closest, the correct answer was 0.55001 g .We congratulate the winner!
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